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KetoDiet App

I love this app! It is easy to use and there is a tremendous amount of information included. There are new recipes in the blog on a regular basis, which is wonderful. The recipes are easy to follow. They can be added to your daily planner once made. There is a large database of foods to choose from when entering your daily meals. Food labels can be scanned for nutritional information. There are many options for using this app. I’m very glad I found it!


I like the app - it’s easy to use for tracking carbs and you can customize macros. Care and thought goes into the associated blog, which is well-written, which I find to be fairly unusual any more. The only reason I didn’t give it a five star rating is because there is no barcode scanner, which makes using the app much more time-consuming than it needs to be for tracking.

Keto for life

This woe is the easiest I have ever done. The foods are delicious and the process is amazing. Down 25 pounds feeling amazing, more energy and no chronic pain

Keto DieT

Love it! Food is great and easy to fix. They help you with available recipes. Very helpful in planning your meals.

Excellent program

This is a great way to lose weight and select good meals for yourself.


This app is very helpful for tracking your macros. I would love it if you could share your progress, meals, etc. with others who have the app. Keep up the good work!

Too pricey for limited capabilities

I’m new to Keto and this app has tons of great recipes. But as we all know we can get tons of great recipes online, for free. What made me unsatisfied with this app are the following points: - The planner: you hv to plan everything on your phone, there is no web-based platform to accompany the app. That’s a big down for me, I was really hoping once I paid for it I would get that access - Food tracking: great for their recipes, but not great for scanning items or a basic DB of food items. I’ve learned through lots of wasted money (like this app) that nothing beats MyFitnessPal for the DB of foods they already have. In paying I was hoping for the two things noted above. I support food bloggers by buying their cookbooks, not apps that say they’re giving you one thing everyone can get for free in other places. The two stars are just bc the recipes are actually really good - but again, you can find them in the blog for free.

Love It 😍

Started my journey logging things manually, but this was my game changer! Have used it daily for months now and refer to others who are interested in Keto. I’m using many of the recipes - which are ALL SUPER YUMMY! I know eliminating all the processed “CRAP” from my body is Well Worth It. Thank you 🙏

BEWARE - two versions

I apparently purchased TWO KetoDiet apps - KetoDiet and KetoDietBasic. I have proof in the form of two receipts from the Apple Store that I paid for what I thought was the same product twice, first in Feb 2017, then later for an enforced update. The app (not sure which one), told me I could not use it unless I updated) in July 2017. So it appears that I paid twice to use KetoDiet. My review experience with these apps has been upsetting because their surprisingly unpleasant “customer support” told me it was impossible to buy it twice, but I guess they FORGOT there are two KetoDiet apps with the same icon (confusing), but one is a Basic version. I still have them both on my phone. Instead of being helpful, and suggesting maybe I’d gotten the two versions confused, they were sarcastic and accusatory. They threatened to report me to Apple for inventing my complaint about paying twice. I did pay twice, unfortunately, Basic or not, and I still think, like their customer service, the interface(s) are not at all user friendly. I recommend CarbManager, better interface, nicer customer service, and their free version is very accessible. I just saw another complaint about there being two versions, both are labeled “the original” version. This is double-dipping by being intentionally confusing.

Too many notifications

I hate that there’s no way to remove notifications from popping up on my phone. I will look for the recipes I want to make. I don’t need suggestions. The notifications are very annoying and the fact that there’s no way to remove them is going to make me delete this app soon! **Regardless of “basic” iOS settings, there are still way too many notifications. And it’s gonna be deleted after this since you don’t realize that too many notifications is a big problem

Would be 5 if you tracked exercise!

This is a great app! The recipes are wonderful, and one of my favorite features is how you can make your shopping list in the app 🙌🏻. Also, the recipes are customizable regarding number of servings. The big downside for me, and it seems like a simple enough fix, is that there is nothing to track exercise. Please add this feature in the next version.

Still Learning

A much much easier app than others I have tried. Very user friendly tool. Still working to personalize & understand consumption/macros. A super helpful app! Although the FB page associated to this app, not as user friendly regarding questions posted. Never post a question, make sure you read the blog or search the group for your answers. Do not ask questions even if you do not understand the blog or the posts. Make sure you read the hundreds of posts pertaining to your question before you think to ask. I have never been apart of support group that automatically makes you feel shame and embarrassment for asking a question even though you have read the info. Sometimes you just have to ask to fully understand. I deleted my question, no support just shamed more than once for not reading or missing a post.

In app purchases

Just bought the app. Pretty good so far. But, purchase AND in-app purchases? Shame on you!

Easy to Use

So worth the money! The details in tracking everything from the food you eat, to the water you drink, the mood your in, your body fat, lipids, glucose, and so much more. It is really great! You can scan foods for easy tracking.There are recipes and a blog. I mean WOW! Thank you so much for such a great App!

Not worth the money

This app won’t take into consideration any of my food allergies and I can’t filter the recipes to show me what I can have. I’m lactose intolerant and have celiacs disease so I can’t have gluten.

Getting better all the time

Very dedicated staff that listens to their customers. Excellent recipes.


More of a diet than a life change. Prefer to eat healthy with nutrients from fruit and veggies.back to Weight watchers for me.

Purchased, wont download!

I really was excited to purchase this today and now it wont download. It says I have to be on WIFI but I am. Wifi working fine app just wont download. I think my payment will go through today or this week can I please be reimbursed since its clearly not going to work. An hour later and nothing still

Now, This is Keto!!

This app is one of the most helpful and creative cooking keto recipe apps I have found to date!

It would be great for athletes as well

But would need to get integrated with Strava or GARMIN connect to get data on calories used for exercise I know you are contemplating the connection with apple health but BE MORE AMBITIOUS. Great app otherwise Congrats

Keto diet program

Wonderful computer program. It does all the miserable work of designing, counting nutrients, and calculating percentages of food groups consumed. It also has a fabulous tracking system for energy, mood, body fat measurements, and suggested caloric/protein/carb intake (even in graph form). There are endless recipes...choose one and it clicks into your person daily meal plan. Can’t say enough about this product. It really works just as it should.

A hit and a huge miss

I was super excited about this app. I love the look and all the options... 8.99 wouldn’t be a bad price if it wasn’t for the biggest issue of all. The more I use it the more I’m finding the imported values from when you scan a barcode are wrong!!! Compared them to a few other apps and to the packages themselves... one of the most important parts is inaccurate. If you’re just scanning away not really verifying that it all matches your numbers are going to be all over. You can make the input work but you can’t use the serving sizes on the packages you have to manipulate them to fit the information. I do love that their are places to put your ketone levels, blood glucose, labs, weight and measurements. But honestly I would rather the input be flawless for the app costing almost 9$. Sad I can’t get a refund.

Great app...UI is a little too busy.

This app has just about everything. Which is why I took off 1 star. It has a little too much. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want them to take away anything, but I’d like a basic home screen that opens every time on opening the app showing status for the day (the app has this view in the ‘Planner’’s just buried) and the ability to add food and water directly from this home screen. All of this is in the app, it’s just cumbersome to get to rapidly. If I could have taken off .5 I would have for poor integration with Apple Health app. I think an app like this REALLY needs integration with Apple Health. It should import weight, % body fat, lipid profile, etc. It should export to Health app daily food consumption. I also like how MyFitnessPal adjusts daily calorie requirements based on exercise that it inputs from the Health integration like this would be nice. 8/3/2018 update: took off a star. I’ve sent multiple emails to the developer regarding a few problems I was having. No response. I joined their FB group, but was told by group admin that they don’t provide any support support.

Simply awesome!

I cannot say enough about how easy and satisfying going Keto was for me.

Awesome app

I love this app. Used with the companion website, it has been indispensable in my transition to the Keto lifestyle. I love how it keeps track of daily nutrient intake, including the important minerals and a macronutrient pie chart that, for me, was the best illustration of just how much more fat or less protein, I needed to eat. I love the easy, intuitive access to the nutrient database when developing my own recipes. This app is now my virtual recipe box, containing my recipes (even with pictures), and very well tested recipes from the blog (I think Keto hot pockets are my favorite). I highly recommend this app to people who ask me about my diet, when they are impressed with my weight loss, mental alertness, and cancer in remission. I tell them the app makes the difficult transition to Keto more like playing a video game; it’s that fun to use. Thank you!

Wonderful App

I have been doing low carb for 18 months, and I tried two different apps. But it wasn’t until I found your app that I finally caught a glimpse of how energized you can feel when you get into ketosis and stay there. And with your built-in recipes as well as those from the Keto Diet Blog, it is so easy to add the foods to my daily amounts to stay on track!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Awesome app

Great APP! Has everything you need to do keto!

Awesome app!

I was looking for an all inclusive app and this is really good! I’m a beginner but it helps me stay on track!

Best APP Ever

This App gives constant new recipes which is awesome! Extremely easy instructions and not to mention the recipes are quite fabulous! So much variety and it makes the keto lifestyle very easy to stick to. ❤️❤️❤️

Easy to follow even when in Brazil.

Although i am still learning and adapting to keto / low carb life style, I find enough extra information on possible substitutions to adapt recipes to available local ingredients. Brazil is not an easy place to find some ingredients that are not native, for example sweeteners, flowers, and some fruits. Keto challenge is a great incentive tool. I just love it!


Finally found the “Keto Bun” recipe that’s good and works with my diet! Love it

Very good

Easy tracking and set up. Just have a couple things I’d like added. First: The current net carb calculator does not omit sugar alcohols/substitutes. I would like to see that become an option. Second: I have several books by this author. I would love it if I could check them off in the app so all the recipes names and macros could be automatically added, kind of like the recipes in the blog post.

Good functionality overall

I have found this app very helpful in managing my diet. My only complaint is that the font is ridiculously small.

Good overall

I do like the app, but a couple suggestions would be to allow custom recipes to be edited. I’ve made typos and accidentally hit finished when I only had half the ingredients in. Also in the custom recipe smaller fractions of the recipe would be helpful. Sometimes for a fatbomb, 1/30 is what I need! It would also be nice for weight loss goals to be recognized with some kind of banner or congrats, you are halfway to your goal.

My favorite App

The amount of new content and attention to detail is second to none. The community approach is great. Tons of delicious recipes that are updated very frequently. The meal planner and shopping list are very convenient. If you are considering Keto, you need this app.

Love it!!!

One of the best apps I have paid for! Well worth the small up front fee, for what it helps you do. And the mess are pretty awesome too!


Update: The developer suggested to use IPhone Accessibilty option for Larger Text: Does NOT help. The daily ketodiet app PLANNER is exceptionally light/thin type makes it highly difficult to read/use. It’s hard to read on my phone. Need a way to BOLD &/or ENLARGE the type from within the app itself. I’ve been struggling to diet on my own so hope this app will help me to stick to the plan.


It would be a nice feature to allow app to suggest dinner meals according to what’s remaining point wise for your day instead of trying endless combinations to meet your daily numbers. Just got app so if this exists already then hopefully I’ll find this tool.


Awesome app Can’t say enough great things about it.


Definitely worth the money. One improvement, allow sharing custom meals with others. That would be great.

Rip off

This does not even have a data base of foods to calculate carbs. $9 wasted. Use Carb Manager for FREE.

Subscription cancelling

If you’re an Apple user the process to cancel your subscription is exhausting. It’s a third party billing and iTunes doesn’t hold the account. What a nightmare.

Best Keto App Hands Down

Great App, covers more than any other Keto app and can master after playing around with it for about 30 min

Nice App

Works well. I just wish there was a way to put instructions in custom meals. I like to make casseroles but have trouble remembering oven temps and time. I love the custom meal tab which allows me to put in all ingredients and the number of servings and then calculates the macros.

Does not track food intake!!

I think that this app is misleading. I made a mistake getting this app. I thought it was a food tracking app but it’s not. I read in the reviews that people were having a hard time tracking their food intake and having a hard time using it. I generally listen to the reviews I didn’t this time and am disappointed. I think that they should make it clear that it is not a food tracking app. Attempting to get a return of my $9 to go towards a Keto food tracking app.

Beware app advice

I was pretty excited about this app, but the macro goals are wrong (it was shorting me on protein by 25%!) and the foods are not accurate (go look up cherry tomatoes.) Better off paying for MFP if you actually want to maintain ketosis.

amazing app for monitoring carb intake

I have been using this app for a year. I change my eating habit and lifestyle. It really helps me to fix my problems.

Keto diet

Cons: doesn’t tell you how many calories to eat vs goals.

Cute but needs a filter

Really need some way to filter meal options. For instance, I’m a vegetarian. It would help if I could just click something that lets me get rid of all meat related foods. Also, o eggs. What if you are allergic to something or just don’t want it in your diet. It would’ve nice to rule those out too!

Just a few improvements would make this 5 stars.

This works well, I especially like the feature that calculates percentages of fat, carbs and protein. It is not exactly user friendly, but after a little practice you can manage. I would like to have a feature that allows saving favorites and a way to sort those foods.

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