KetoDiet App Reviews

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Love this App!

I love how easy it is to use and how it helps me keep on track. The recipes are delicious and relatively easy to make.

Difficult to Navigate and can’t add food easily

I found this app difficult to navigate. It wasn’t very user friendly and I hate that I paid for it. I had looked up the best apps for Keri and this was listed so I purchased it. After a lot of work, I finally got it up and running correctly. Or so I thought. When I went to scan in my coffee, it wasn’t there. When I went to scan in my snack, it wasn’t there. The breaking point for me was when I went to scan in something that I k ow has 2g net carbs and the app insisted it was 14g. When you only get 25g a day, that’s a huge difference.

Enjoying it

I bought this app because it was ranked one of the best for the Keto diet. At first I found it a little hard to navigate... but now that I’ve used it for awhile it’s much easier. I wish it had the ability to use the internet and/or copy and paste whole recipes instead of manually typing each ingredient. I love that it keeps track of net carbs, protein, etc.

Great app but...

After downloading the app on my iPhone, I wanted to also have it on my iPad - but it turns out there are 2 different apps that require you to buy both, kind of disappointed. The app itself is great just be aware that if you plan to use both devises plan to buy both.

Simply the best!

This is the first app I got when I started my Ketogenic journey a year and a half ago. From the wonderfully informative articles on health to the awesome recipes, I just could not find find a better, more comprehensive Ketogenic tracking app than this one. Yes there is MyFitnessPal but that one is just way to convoluted and I can’t stand the subscription cost. The reason why this is the best is because with all you get you really feel the love and dedication coming from Martina and her team! Way to go! Btw I lost 60 lbs and never felt better and I did purchase everything I could from the app so I got the whole shebang! Totally worth it in my opinion.

Love it

I really love this app. A lot of recipes and tracking features. I’m just getting started but I am going to be using this app all the time!


I really like this app! It helps in every aspect of this diet and has great blog info. The only problems I have is this: when buying additional recipes they should have a ONE TIME fee if you would like to unlock recipes instead of doling out a few with a $1.99 purchase. So far this app has cost me over $20 and some recipes are still locked! 🙄 another big problem for me is under “custom meals” (where you can add in your own recipe) it doesn’t let you put in the cooking instructions....why? It ONLY lets you add ingredients and I have to keep a separate journal for the instructions on how to make it, what oven temp etc... Can someone please look into this and fix it so that I can keep the recipes AND instructions in one place? Thanks

Rip off

This app costs an initial $6.99 and once you are in the app hey want you to make additional purchases for recipes and other uses.

Looking forward to success

I’ve been struggling to diet on my own so hoping this app will inspire/encourage me to stick to the plan. Only problem so far is the typeface used on app is small & very light. Wish there was a way to BOLD &/or ENLARGE the typeface!

Best Keto App

I’ve tried them all, this one is the best.

Great app for macros

I love this app for tracking my macros. It might not have as many good choices preloaded as LoseIt or MyFitnessPal, but I don’t mind scanning or entering items manually by nutritional data. The excellent macro tracking and layout make it worthwhile for me to take this occasional extra step.

Nickels and Dimes

I like the idea, but having to pay extra for more recipes, AFTER ALREADY PAYING FOR THE APP, feels like I’m being nickeled and dimed to death. There are lots of other, better app options in the AppStore, that value you as a user and a customer. Grade: D

Expect to spend money for recipes!!

Sad, I really do love this app, but it seems I keep coming across recipes that I need to pay for. Just paid $1.99 for more recipes only to find yet ANOTHER recipe that is LOCKED!!! Very frustrating!!! How much money will I have to spend to keep getting recipes??? Seems it’s never ending. And how can I keep track of the recipes that I supposedly pay for. Seems like a money maker to me!!! Beware!!!


They make you pay a good amount only to find out most of their meals are locked. And guess what? To unlock them - you have to pay more.

Easy Macros

This app makes it so easy to keep up with my macros. The recipes and everything else that you get with this app is awesome!

Excellent for Keto

I love this app. The recipes are amazing and you can just make a recipe and add it to your planner. It tracks everything that I want to track. Two things I am looking forward to is integration to my Apple Watch and combining Blog recipes and Meal recipes. Otherwise, it’s perfect for me.

Everything not included

You pay for the “full app” and then they want to sell you additional recipes with in app purchases. I thought they were selling me the full app.

Macros & kcals don’t match

The total calories SHOULD equal 9(gFat)+4(gProtein)+4(gcarbs-gFiber) however there seems to be a glitch where the carbs is >2x that total. This is a bit of an irritant, but if you just pay attention to keeping your macros within their limits, you should still be ok. Hopefully the developers will look into this and correct it (or do a bit of explaining on how they’re coming up with their numbers)


Here in the South, we have Hardees, not Carl’s. I know the same company owns both, but I don’t know if the menus are identical. It would be helpful to have a dedicated Hardees entry. New to the app and still learning my way around. Looks interesting, though.

Far from user friendly

There are hundreds of sites with better recipes. For tracking food this one pales in comparison to others. Limited foods in its database and impractical measurements.


I just want to add that I am loving this app. The quick add part is a little too much. Like I wanted to put in grilled chicken, hard to find it has lots of Raw chicken listed though. How about just cooked plain chicken? ( grilled, fried or boiled and or baked)? I love the receipts because they have simple and few ingredients that I have on hand not all those exotic ingredient.. I also love the bar code scanner, it helps when I want to try new foods on this program. Good job overall. JD

Can you say Upsell

Buying the upgraded version I didn't expect to be charged to buy additional recipes. Be up front and include the extras in the upgraded app version even if that means a price increase.

Great keto recipe

Every other day there is a new recipe or advice to try new things. This app has made my decision on what’s for lunch/dinner a breeze. Definitely recommend. Luv it

Nice helpful app

Nice helpful app, but don’t pay the additional $1.99 add-on for the additional “locked” recipes. I did and it never unlocked. Did at first for a few minutes then locked out again. Contacted them and they responded they are looking into it. App should not be released and charge users until the problems are worked out. Asked for a refund.

Great App!

Everything you need in 1 app!

More than 600 recipes

Amazing app- this criticism over the blog recipes is completely unfounded. There is a tab for app recipes and a tab for the blog. Both allow you to save your favorite recipes and have a tab to only view those favorites. The con is that you have 2 separate favorite buttons in recipes— but I didn’t find that a big deal given the delicious recipes and amazing selections. Totally worth a look- lots of Keto information included in addition to the recipes.

Easy and Convenient

Very helpful and informative! Would’ve given up the Keto diet very quickly without this app.

Re-review and very happy

I’ve always liked the app but I reviewed the app a while ago. I had a few suggesting and one concern and gave it 3 stars. After chatting with the developer it left me with a very positive outlook. Great customer service!! At first I was concerned that there was in-app recipe purchases. There are so many sources for free recipes online I didn’t see value in it. I didn’t purchase it, but the app keeps providing tons of free recipes. This is not an issue, but a good option if you want, so I’m raising my star rating to 5. This is an awesome app with attentive developers. Everything you need for keto; guide, planner, blog, progress and more.

Not very functional

I am fairly computer literate and I find this to be a very limited app. Entering foods is so challenging. Cannot choose quantities that meet your specific need in most cases. The measurements are not consistent throughout. Menus from common fast food outlets are incomplete when using restaurant app, I find adding quick meal and searching for “scrambled eggs McDonald’s” brings results. All in all, I am not impressed and feel the $6 I paid was a waste of my money.

Not impress with the food data base

Take forever to find a single item

Keto diet

Total cost was 10$ not really worth the cost. Sorry guys.

Disappointed !

I purchased this app for $6.99 and almost all recipes are LOCKED and I am unable to access them, I am now sorry I spent the $$$.

Can’t use it for tracking

I have proof in the form of two receipts from the Apple Store that I paid for this product twice, first in Feb 2017, then for an enforced update (could not use it unless I updated) in July 2017. I still can’t figure out how to track my eating. Instead of telling me how to do it, their customer service told me off and reported my review for inaccuracy. It is difficult to use - I don’t see how to track daily eating unless you eat their recipes. It should be very obvious. They call the tracking portion the ‘planner’ a counter-intuitive term to journaling, when everyone else records your daily intake. Nice recipes, tho.


I'm going back to fitness pal. This is frustrating- can't find my consumed amounts for end of day!

Hard to use

Very confusing

Love it - Sort of

I purchased this app because of all the tracking features. I hate it because I can’t personalize my macros the way I want. Also trying to find cooked foods in the quick meals is super hard, wish there were more options since most of what I eat doesn’t have a label!!

Great App, great diet plan.

I love the app and use it everyday for menus and tracking my consumption. I started on the app and Keto Diet In October of 2017. So far I have lost 42 pounds and continue to use the app everyday. The one thing I would love to see is the ability to add instructions on the custom meals, that is a future item in the list of updates.

Keeping me motivated and on track

I downloaded a few other “free” apps, then after a day or so trying to navigate them, I deleted them... leaving me frustrated as heck. I’m not sure why I chose to get this one because I HATE paying for apps and avoid them like the plague. However, after sucking it up and deciding to give it a try, I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Seriously, it took me 30 minutes or so, running through what it had to offer, and once I figured out hot to put in my own food choice, adding my activity level, I was hooked. A day later I even put in my measurements because I knew I was going to keep this app and use it to its fullest potential. It’s helping me weave together all the information I’ve already gathered from other sources and understand more about this new lifestyle of eating. I know I’ll be successful on my new journey ... Thank you

Needs improvement

Pros: The app is full of great information. The links are great for beginners, and easy to comprehend. The input of nutritional information is really simple. Putting in your own values is simple, and the app does the calculations for you depending on what your plan is. Once you input your specific ingredients it’s easy to make custom meals, and add them to your planner. The basket option makes shopping for recipes easy. Cons: The data sync function is hit or miss. Sometimes it doesn’t sync, and if you sign out and try to sign back in it doesn’t always sign back in. You have to pay for a majority of the meal packages, although they aren’t expensive. The preset ingredients don’t always match up with the nutritional information on the packages. You can only enter ingredients in terms of ounces or grams. It would be easier if they allowed you to use cups, tsps, and tbsps when US customary is selected when inputting values, although preset recipes do show up in US customary.

Helpful App

The app is easy to use and helps to dial in the macros to stay on point. My only complaint is when making a custom meal and adding the ingredients. After finding the ingredient (ie almond flour) it only gives your grams and ounces as a measurement. The recipe calls for 2 TBS! Bring back normal measurements plz! Almond flour isn’t a liquid so you don’t measure in oz! Frustrating.

Good but can be better

This is a great app but it could be improved by suggesting daily meal combinations to meet the requirements for your specific calorie/protein/fat intake.

6.99 isn’t all your paying

So you pay the 6.99 but they don’t even give you all the recipes, you have to keep paying an extra 1.99 for another 30 recipes or so. Does that even make sense. Don’t waste your 6.99 because it’s going to add up.

Wish I could enter exercise

Wish I could enter exercise, apart from that great!

So helpful!

I have used them all: WW, MyFitnessPal, and Atkins. I really like KetoDietApp bc of the excellent food bank as well as sophisticated data tracking. I love tracking my macros and calories. I’ve only been using it a week and I lost 3.4 lbs doing average 1400 calories and 20-40 net carbs a day. The recipes look good altho mostly I window shop for inspiration as I only cook for myself and do simple things.My only wish is for a way to mark favorite/ frequent foods so they are easy to find. :-)

Awful - Difficult to Use

Awful product. Total waste of $. It’s just a bunch of recipes you have to buy & pay extra for. No contact link for questions & most importantly no place to enter you food consumption to track daily macro targets. If it exists - I’m not seeing it hence the “Awful - Difficult to Use” rating. Will be seeking a refund once my invoice posts

Net carbs

Refund..... really? Seems like the best kept secret ever. In another note...Sugar is sugar. Fiber is fiber. One fiber does not cancel sugar. Are there any apps that do not use net carbs? Been trying for three days to get a refund!!

More money$$$$

As soon as I downloaded I discovered it would be more and more money so I deleted it. Yet I am billed today with what??? More money. I think my money should be reimbursed.

Worth the price!

This app was worth the price! It also made learning Keto easy

Great app

I love it...only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it needs a way to add exercise to account for additional burned calories.


Let's see how long this stays up or if it's unlawfully removed... You don't get what you think you're going to. This app could be great but price gouges you instead. Doesn't deliver the way you think it will with locked recipes or having to dig through blog recipes even after you pay for the app. It just wants more and more money. It's a shame because it has real potential. The responses from the developer to unsatisfied users is downright unprofessional. Calling people liars and just telling them to get their money back instead of listening to their feedback demonstrates a lack of maturity. I've not read any reviews that I felt we're false based on my own experience. When you use the app you feel as if you've been cheated. If there's more to the app than meets the eye then maybe you should make it easier for the eye to see those things instead of acting like a two year old with no vision of what customers are trying to tell you. Update: developers response does not address anything I said about being a bully or listening to feedback thoughtfully. It’s one thing to kindly correct someone and it’s another to be rude and call them a liar especially when what they said is true. I’ve watched negative reviews magically disappear that didn’t say a single false statement, including my own. I’ve had to lodge complaints with Apple to have it investigated. Your “rating” is a false one you have engineered. Their response proves everything I said. They don’t listen.

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