KetoDiet App Reviews

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Good but can be better

This is a great app but it could be improved by suggesting daily meal combinations to meet the requirements for your specific calorie/protein/fat intake.

6.99 isn’t all your paying

So you pay the 6.99 but they don’t even give you all the recipes, you have to keep paying an extra 1.99 for another 30 recipes or so. Does that even make sense. Don’t waste your 6.99 because it’s going to add up.

Wish I could enter exercise

Wish I could enter exercise, apart from that great!

Great user experience 👍

There are a lot of Keto blogs, websites, ebooks and apps. There’s really no shortage of keto information out there. And even still I’m very glad I bought this app. It’s not only chock full of great recipes and editorial content, but it’s a really polished app overall. Great user experience which of course is one less roadblock to taking advantage of the information. One criticism or rather a suggestion is that I wish they offered some varied recipe packs. Currently you buy recipe packs based on themes (for example “salads”). It would be nice to have a pack or two that’s a medley of recipe types. Great app overall.

So helpful!

I have used them all: WW, MyFitnessPal, and Atkins. I really like KetoDietApp bc of the excellent food bank as well as sophisticated data tracking. I love tracking my macros and calories. I’ve only been using it a week and I lost 3.4 lbs doing average 1400 calories and 20-40 net carbs a day. The recipes look good altho mostly I window shop for inspiration as I only cook for myself and do simple things.My only wish is for a way to mark favorite/ frequent foods so they are easy to find. :-)

Awful - Difficult to Use

Awful product. Total waste of $. It’s just a bunch of recipes you have to buy & pay extra for. No contact link for questions & most importantly no place to enter you food consumption to track daily macro targets. If it exists - I’m not seeing it hence the “Awful - Difficult to Use” rating. Will be seeking a refund once my invoice posts

Net carbs

Refund..... really? Seems like the best kept secret ever. In another note...Sugar is sugar. Fiber is fiber. One fiber does not cancel sugar. Are there any apps that do not use net carbs? Been trying for three days to get a refund!!

More money$$$$

As soon as I downloaded I discovered it would be more and more money so I deleted it. Yet I am billed today with what??? More money. I think my money should be reimbursed.

Worth the price!

This app was worth the price! It also made learning Keto easy

Great app

I love it...only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it needs a way to add exercise to account for additional burned calories.


Let's see how long this stays up or if it's unlawfully removed... You don't get what you think you're going to. This app could be great but price gouges you instead. Doesn't deliver the way you think it will with locked recipes or having to dig through blog recipes even after you pay for the app. It just wants more and more money. It's a shame because it has real potential. The responses from the developer to unsatisfied users is downright unprofessional. Calling people liars and just telling them to get their money back instead of listening to their feedback demonstrates a lack of maturity. I've not read any reviews that I felt we're false based on my own experience. When you use the app you feel as if you've been cheated. If there's more to the app than meets the eye then maybe you should make it easier for the eye to see those things instead of acting like a two year old with no vision of what customers are trying to tell you. Update: developers response does not address anything I said about being a bully or listening to feedback thoughtfully. It’s one thing to kindly correct someone and it’s another to be rude and call them a liar especially when what they said is true. I’ve watched negative reviews magically disappear that didn’t say a single false statement, including my own. I’ve had to lodge complaints with Apple to have it investigated. Your “rating” is a false one you have engineered. Their response proves everything I said. They don’t listen.

Not vegetarian friendly

I feel like I wasted $6.99 with this purchase. The number of recipes it totes are only good for people who eat meat. I purchased this app because I found the 2 week veg keto meal plan online and hoped to use the meal planner. There is no option to import the meal plan directly into your own planner or grocery lists from the blog posts and additionally most of those recipes I can only gain access to through millions of micro transactions. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone who is hoping to do a vegetarian keto diet as they expect you to REALLY pay for it ($1.99 for salad recipes??? On top of $1.99 for other recipes???) there’s basically 3 recipes available for vegs...not worth it!

Pretty good

The app works well. I wish it had an option to use all carbs instead of net carbs but it’s not a big deal. It’s easy to use and doesn’t crash when I’ve used it.

Crock pot

I love this app. It’s very detailed and precise. I would like to see some crock pot recipes though. Just a suggestion

Great Program

After using the program for three weeks I find it is a great help. The learning curve was a bit more than anticipated but once that obstacle was crossed the program has proved well worth the cost.

Finally something great for keto dieters!

Has a lot of very nice features. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to use them, but after that, I am a pro. I’m very happy with the recipes and happy to pay two dollars more for a bunch of them. I already have spent a ton in cookbooks so I like the fact that I can add my own recipes. I don’t think it’s any more complicated then my fitness pal, and I really like the fact that it’s targeted specifically to KetoDiet. Developers: Nice Job!!! I don’t think it’s a feature yet, at least I haven’t found it, but it would be great if I could incorporate intermittent fasting days with special macro targets for just those days.

Keto App

This app is a huge rip off. I thought I was buying the app for $6.99, turns out it is a monthly charge! Most of the recipes are locked unless you pay more and it is impossble to unsubscribe!

Not easy to enter data

Thank you to your response to my app review. I’m taking your advice and requesting a refund and getting another app. In spite of my irritation with your food log, I was willing to continue using it until I read your rude reply. Maybe you should use the constructive criticism to improve the app instead of pushing away your customers.

Not what I expected

The app requires you to build your own diet plan and when you attempt to add a meal such as breakfast it shows you all meal types that you have to then sift through so there is no filtering of the recipes based on the meal you’re trying setup. Started trying to add my own recipes but the interface for doing so is rather clumsy and extremely time consuming.

Doesn’t link to recipe from planner..

I like this app so far, however when trying to meal plan, I add the recipe to the date I want and choose breakfast, lunch, etc. (no problem so far)... but when I go to my planner and tap the meal, that’s it...just the meal. Now I have to go back to the menu and search it to find the recipe. It would be nice if when you tapped the meal in your planner the recipe came up. *Updated Thanks for your response. I changed my review to 4. I do think that charging for all sections of recipes is a little much. If paying for the full app they should all be included.

Love but wish

Love the app very easy to plan your week!! Wish I could import recipes from other apps also share meal plans with others (husband and I both use apps and we have input custom meals manually very time consuming) Wish when I select one of the app recipes I could customize it, sometimes I don’t like all the ingredients

Best keto app out there

I absolutely love this app!! It has been my go to every day for inspiration and meal planning. I've been living the keto way for 3 mos and have never felt better in my life. I'm 67 and feel better than I did at 30. I am now off BP med, statin med and GERD medication. My doctor has been keeping close watch on all my lab values and they are better than they ever were with medications. Thank you so much for developing this app and all the great recipes!

Promising, but too many add-ons needed

The actually functionality of the app is really good - it’s easy to navigate, looks good, and has some great features (macro calculator, info for restaurants, info for ingredients). However, the recipe list is only about 25% viewable. If you want to see the rest of the recipes, you’ll have to pay for several different add-ons, from $1.99 on. (This is after paying $6.99 for the app, of course)


I have only been using the app for about 10 days but these are my suggestions: 1) If you are going to charge $7 for an app, it’s a gut punch to be asked for more money to get access to everything. Seems like the developers are just trying to squeeze more money out of you. When you pay for the full version of the app (vs the basic) you should get the FULL app! 2) Please make it easier to set our own macros. If it’s possible I haven’t been able to figure it out in 10 days. 3) when adding ingredients in to meals or the planner, it’s a little user unfriendly. Maybe work on simplifying. 4) why on earth do you call the food log a planner? I understand the benefit of planning meals, but most people are looking for a log and a planner means something completely different.

Update made it annoying.

I would like for it to stay on ounces like it did before. The main thing that is making my rating drop is the pop up that keeps asking if I want to add more. I will add more if I want to and not if I don’t. Please help make it less of a nuisance when it was perfect before.

* * UPDATE: Love It! * * So Far So Good

I initially wrote a 2 star review because it appeared to me that I was unable to micromanage my macros plus I was not seeing a response from the developer. However, I stand corrected on both counts as they did respond within a couple days but to the icloud address which I rarely look at. Their response in case anyone else out there cares to know how to also set your protein and fat grams is below. Thank you Martina for your quick response and I am looking forward to using this app upon which I may add the 5th star. 😁 Hello Greg, you can set your own macros but it is not the primary focus so you may have missed it. Even if you have different goals compared to others (such as in case of keto for epilepsy etc), you can set your macros in “custom” (in Profile > Edit > Goal > Custom Targets). I hope this helps! Kind regards, Martina * * * U P D A T E * * * I’ve been using this app for about two weeks and now feel it deserves the five stars. It was well worth the money. The only thing I would like to see is a notes section somewhere in the Custom Meals or a separate tab like the Custom Meal but for Custom recipes with the notes section for directions. That would make it perfection for my needs.

A great way to stay on track

I use this app to log my food intake. I like the built in food options and the ability to add custom meals. Seems easy enough and gets me what I need out of it. The recipes are also handy and helpful.

Lacking HeathKit support

Pros: great macro control. To get this from Lose it or my fitness pal you need to buy premium service at a monthly that is more then this app. Cons: biggest complaint for me is the lack of support for HealthKit. We have all the connected devices like the scale, watch etc... all dumping data into HealthKit for steps, exercise, weight, BMI and even nutrition. The free versions of many of the other apps sync with the data from HealthKit. With this app you have to manually enter the data daily.

Great App, But...

This really is one of the best Keto apps available, but charging an extra $1.99 for additional recipe categories, in addition to the app price, is just silly. My pet peeve is when someone tries to nickel and dime me. I bought the additional categories and they are worth the extra money, but it would make sense to charge a flat rate for the entire package. If you have a superior product, why be afraid to charge for it?

Invaluable took but room for improvement

PROS: This is a solid app for anyone adopting a ketogenic lifestyle for improved health. The built-in recipes are very helpful and, for me, the additional recipes available for purchase have been a great addition. I value the emphasis on eating whole foods and preparing as much food at home as possible. I also like being able to plan my day or week so that I can keep on track with my macros. The interface is intuitive and is laid out well. Yes, the app costs $6.99 but I view that as an investment in myself and my healthy future. I enjoy being able to sync across multiple devices. I would definitely buy the app again given the choice. Recent enhancements, such as being able to track ketones and glucose as well as water consumption, are great! WHAT THE APP COULD DO BETTER: 1) I am surprised and disappointed that it does not sync with Apple HealthKit. I have health data coming from a number of sources and like seeing it brought together in a single interface for me to identify patterns and trends for ALL aspects of my health. I know this is a planned enhancement and I eagerly await it! 2) Its nice to be able to set a goal for calculating macros, but if you want to change your goal for a short while, it makes the change to all previous data, too, instead of just for the present. For example, if I want to change my macros for a few days to support intermittent fasting (IF) and increase percentage of fat and/or reduce calories for a few days, all of my previous data looks as though I have eaten in excess, which is demotivating. There should be an option to change goals and to select how you want it applied. 3) While the database seems extensive, there are glaring omissions for products that people may use to support their ketegenic lifestyle, such as athletes using exogenous ketones. Users cannot add such products so the end result may be inaccurate data. 4) It would be great if recipes and shopping lists could be easily scaled for one person. 5) While I really like the wheels/circles for viewing macros, the colour of the font for the actual numbers is much too light to be legible. 7) There is no way to import recipes and it's very time-consuming and tedious to create custom meals all of the time. Thankfully the custom meals are reusable.

Good, but a lot of room for growth

I really like the look of the app and how easy it is to add the keto diet app recipes. However, I wish we could import recipes, like some other fitness apps. It is so hard to add your own recipe. . I had to hunt and find a copycat recipe for the egg bites at Starbucks to try and come close to the breakdown. That or add foods by the macronutrients. I had basically everything I needed, I am not saying add it to your database but to add restaurant meals that aren’t in the database into your own diary if there is no other way to enter some unknowns...

Was overeating before + great recipes

I am in love with this app. It has it all. I had been keto for about a month before getting this app and was feeling good but wasn’t losing weight. This app makes it sooooo much easier to track macros!!! You can plan ahead and copy meals to future days (Perfect for meal prepping)! I’m a full time working mom of two but the app makes it possible for me to continue to track my intake. I’ve tried probably 10 or more recipes and all of them are legit! Hubby has even requested many of them for the future! I bought the extras for recipes and have not been disappointed!

Useless for journaling, what are they thinking?

You simply can’t track your intake unless you eat their recipes. Pointless, and they charge for it. They call the tracking portion the ‘planner’ which is a counter-intuitive term, that, plus somehow I paid for it twice, only to find out how completely useless it is for tracking. Nice recipes, tho.

Not worth it

This app is a waste of money. There's nothing special about it yet it cost $7 plus you need to then spend another $2 to get half the recipes. It's a ripoff. If I could delete it and get a refund I would in a second. You can download recipes off line for free. I thought there would be more keto info

What you’re mostly paying for is the planner portion of the app-needs improvement

To be fair, as a food blogger I completely understand all the hard work that goes into developing recipes, and that’s BEFORE tweaking it umpteen times, food styling, photos, and the tedious act of inputting your recipes online. For that point food bloggers are vastly underpaid. But to pay $6.99 to only have access to 120-ish recipes is pretty disappointing. (Edit: the developer says its upwards of 600 recipes, but this is not on their app in their list of recipes, but instead linked with their blog) The planner app is not very user friendly and pretty limited but has potential. All in all-you’re just not getting the value for the money, but with some tweaking, this app could be great. Kudos to the developer for the idea and the business savvy for another avenue to monetize their ideas, but my advice to the developer would be to stop defending the cost and listen to the many reviews saying the same thing-have more access to recipes without cost, and make the app more user friendly.

Could be better

For an app that is not free this could definitely be better. I get confused in the “progress” section and adding custom meal doesn’t go very smoothly and I often hit the wrong button. What annoyed me the most is that not all of your recipes are included. Why would I pay $1.99 for more recipes when I already paid $6.99 for the app. I just feel like everything should be included in an app that priced over $5.

Blog only half functional

I bought this app for 2 features. The recipes and the basket. While using the recipes within the app allows you to add ingredients to the basket, you can’t do so with the majority of their recipes which are integrated through their blog. Hopefully I’m just blind and am missing the magical button, but I could not find it. The blog IS integrated with the meal planner for tracking your macros if you use that. I can’t say too much about the quality of the recipes though as tonight was the first meal we had from it. This one recipe was freakin delicious though. If the blog adds support for the basket (or can direct me how to do it) I’d definitely rate 5 stars, but I was just really disappointed with that not being available. *edit: thanks for the response! I’m so glad that this feature is in here! *

Needs Improvement

I am unable to enter products such as Well Wisdom Protein Powder, Thorne Protein Powder, or Atkins pre made shakes. I attempted to search for the products and two were found but the nutritional information is totally incorrect (carbs, calories, fat, protein). I also attempted to scan bar codes but one product was not found and the two products that were discovered remained incorrect (incorrect measurements / portions (as well as fat, carbs, calories, protein) even when the serving was adjusted). I also attempted to scan fresh organic Cheddar in from Whole Foods and the Bar Codes are not recognized.

Overpriced for nothing

Don’t get me wrong, it is a good app. But for $7? No. You don’t get all recipes. This app shouldn’t of been priced over $3. If I could get a refund I would. You get a good option but you can get a better amount of options from Instagram pages posting the same things. Overpriced. Period. I’ve read the developers reviews where they say people work hard on the recipes which I get but this app is already expensive- $7 should honestly be enough to see all.

$6.99 doesn’t get you too many recipes

The charge of $6.99 only gets you some recipes. Then you get to pay more money for a couple more recipes. It’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t have wasted my money on this app if I knew it was going to keep charging me more and that the fee I paid didn’t give me access to the full app. On the plus side, the recipes do look good. Would be fantastic if I could see them all!

Great app!

At first, I was apprehensive about trying this app. Paying for yet one more app that failed to meet my expectations was not something I wanted. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised with this app!! It does everything I need it to do and it continues to get even better with every update.

Where’s the old version

A few years ago I bought the old version of KetoDiet and loved it, I promoted to many people. I recently had to rebuy the app because I changed Apple ids and didn’t mind cuz i found it to be so user friendly plus tracked everything I needed it to. This is now such a frustrating experience for me. I don’t find it user friendly at all. Creating a meal is so frustrating to me I just give up. The steps it takes to log food is like so confusing. I want the old version back, please!

Great (updated review)

Updated: at first I was concerned that you had to pay extra for recipes. While there is a convenience level to doing that, it not required. The app has a blog with a boat load (I mean A LOT) of recipe that help to follow their program. If anything I thing paying the extra is a good method to help fund continued development. This is a solid app. Works well and has tons of information. Moved rating from a 3 to 5 Old review: I've been spending time and money checking out keto apps. I'm an extremely busy person and am mostly looking for a great meal planner. I can find millions of recipes for free all over the internet. I have read many keto blogs talking about this app. It has a solid foundation. It's too expensive at $6.99 for what it provides. The extra in-app recipes charge is not very palatable. I do understand the work that goes into it since I'm a software developer myself. People don't need another MFP app, it exists. I use Cronometer for the nutrition breakdown since it's more detailed than any other (which can be a turn off for some people), but more details would be nice. Your planner seems to be the key. Most of the apps are trackers (which are needed) but very few are long term planners. Some things to make an outstanding app (IMHO): * barcode reader (looks like in the works) * recipe importer from URL or API (expand beyond the blog import of recipes). Of course they won't have the breakdown of your forum or provided recipes, but nutritional algorithms should be able to pick the closest nutritional information from the ingredients list for a close tracking. * mods on planner to account for family planning. Show individual and overall family goals. So far this is a single person app. * sharing information with approved sources (like MFP or the Apple Health Data) so that families can share information * restaurant/event/travel survival planning guide (I saw the chain restaurant guide, allow people or use the already existing database APIs to add local to master database. This will help travelers.) you could almost make it a game, who lives in the healthiest restaurant city. * check off, strike out, or move to bottom meal shopping basket of items already on hand or in cart. Makes shopping easier. * exercise API with devices for exercise. It should be tracked along with food. * grocery store price API with large chains (like Kroger or Western Family) to show sales and to estimate food costs. Thank you for putting the app together!!

Food tracker please improve

I was excited to get this app because of the recipies and personal goal customization.... but now I am super confused about how to actually track what I am doing. I am doing the bulletproof diet and I don’t understand how to add the food I have actually eaten... to see where I am at. Super disappointed that this isn’t more intuitive after having spent 7 bucks.

Costs way to much.

You have to pay to download the app and all you get if a few recipes, you have to pay more to unlock more recipes. Don’t waste your money.

Over priced

Bought the app at 6.99 thinking it would be unlocked, then start scrolling through recipes and then it has locked entrees and for 1.99 you can get more. Just seems cheap to do things like that.

Waste of money

What a bummer. Paid $6.99 for the app. First section I tried to view said “coming soon”. Next all the awesome recipes were locked and only available if spending more money per recipe. Raspberries.

Great App

I love the app and use it everyday for menus and tracking my consumption. The one thing I would love to see is the ability to add instructions on the custom meals.

Love it, but

I wish there was a section for notes for each day, such as how you were feeling and if you had any odd symptoms to food that you could note. At least some sort of simple notes section would be amazing, but instead I find myself tracking this information on other free apps, and the database for scanning/recognizing barcodes is MUCH larger for MFP. So I’m juggling the use of multiple apps, and for the price you would think they would have all this down. I have loved using it this month to track macros, and what stands out to me vs. MFP is the options for weighing in grams/ounces/ml so I’m not converting measurements all the time with Siri. Please add a note section!!

Love this App!

I love how easy it is to use and how it helps me keep on track. The recipes are delicious and relatively easy to make.

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