KetoDiet App Reviews

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Love this app

Been using this app for a week. It took a bit to figure out as not completely intuitive. Once I figured it out (which wasn’t difficult) I really love this app. I can add foods not already in the ingredients data base. I can track my macros, I can add/delete foods, change amounts etc. LOVE this.

Couldn't do keto without it.

This app is a lifesaver. It comes with a lot of recipes. There are some you have to pay for. I love how you can add all the ingredients from a recipe (even one you've created) into your 'basket' so you know what you need when you go shopping. You can uncheck pantry staples you already have. Then you can sort your basket by category so it's easier to shop. I love how it breaks it shows you your progress over time, and how you're doing on macros for the day. I absolutely could not do this diet without this app. I love the new, improved food tracker. The red, yellow, and green for each macro help me so much. There are sections where you can get information about keto and you can search for articles and subjects on the blog. Overall this is a fantastic app. I have recommended it to several friends.

Additional fees for desserts????

Decent app with good information but I was not expecting additional payment walls for some of the first recipes I saw when I opened it. It's already an expensive app and I felt completely misled. Do yourself a favor and find this info from google.

Superior program

I’m really enjoying this app. It’s keeping me on the straight and narrow and it’s paying off.

Price should include all recipes

Great app but the price should include every recipe. It’s easy to get free recipes online.

Too many recipes locked!

There are way too many recipes that are locked. I thought for the price I paid there would be a lot more options when it came to recipe choices. Its all set up for you to spend a lot with in app purchases. It's a shame because if it wasn't a rip off it would be good - they need to offer more recipes with the original purchase price or the original app should be cheaper. I see your response below but I beg to differ. Out of 36 salad recipes in the Ap only 4 are free. I bought the ap so I don't have to go online and look up recipes and I would have expected for $7 to have more access to recipes. I'm not liking the new update. I want to see where I am not were I need to get to by the end of the day. I just about never get all the calories in so it's hard to tell now if the macros etc are correct for how much I've eaten.

Best Keto app I have seen

App is not initially intuitive but the more I use it the happier I am with the app. I noticed you can get stats for the day or by breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack... which made me happy happy. I do not understand anyone having severe criticism of this app. For me I will be pleased when the bar scan feature is enabled in this app. I will need to get accustom to the apps keto recipes ... but I am thinking it would be more convent if I could view recipes online on my laptop vs my smartphone. Would be a big positive to be able to enter a recipe and an option to enter the final total weight at the end so you could enter the serving size in Ounces or grams.


Great for recipes

Same as free apps

I was expecting something unique but after paying for this app, I quickly discovered they provide the same information for free on the web, and the meal planning and tracking is worse/more expensive than free apps currently available. Not worth buying at all.

I like this app

I like this app it's very easy to use yes you have to pay for additional recipes but that's your choice they give you plenty of recipes if you don't want to pay extra. I like that you can set your own macros I like that you have a basket that you can get all your recipes in it and when you go to the store there's your grocery list, a lot of thought went into this app and I think it is well worth the money. So far best keto app I have found.

Nice app

Has a lot of features. Very useful. My two suggestions for the developers: The fonts are too small Add ability to record blood ketone levels

Costs way too much for what you get

The description of this app sounded great for my needs. But it has major problems. If I set custom goals, I cannot set a daily calorie goal. The goals tool makes no sense compared to other calculators I have used, and the planner is very confusing. The planner lists daily progress in percents which tells me nothing. To see my actual consumption, I have to go to another screen and subtract consumed values from goal values. Who has time for that! It is awful, and for what I paid, I expect an easy, intuitive app that made tracking calories and macros easy. This one is clunky and not user friendly. Wish I could get my money back!

Still asks for money!!!

Paid 6 bucks for what I thought was the full app, but asks for more money to "unlock" more recipes. Do yourself a favor and don't buy this app . Take some time and find some free recipes online . There's plenty !!

Extra Costs

Good concept with some basic info but you have to continue purchasing for better recipes. Recipes that can be found on Pinterest and by google searching. Wouldn't waste my money.

Love It!

It has everything I wanted in the layout I like.

Needs a barcode scanner

I do really like this app, but it would be SO MUCH NICER if it had a barcode scanner! You can't search for a certain brand and find that food item. You either have to choose the random options that come up or create your own food item. It's not hard to do if you have the nutrition label, but it does take a lot of extra time. And it gets old pretty quick!

Great app missing one vital feature

Will you be adding barcode scanning?

Better than other non-Keto focused apps

I bought this app at the same time as Lose It and My Fitness Pal. Not only is KetoDiet easier to use, it also gives me a more accurate recap of how I am doing. KetoDiet does not require an expensive yearly subscription plan. There are some in-app purchases but they are only a couple of bucks each. Also, you can just not buy them and the app works great. This app does not have ugly ads and they don't spam you. This is a quality app and I highly recommend it.

best of breed

super robust app, for a tiny price. (i've seen WAY less for WAY more.) the few in-app purchases are very inexpensive and also worth it. support is top notch (very responsive) and the product is, simply put, solid. and on top of that, they continually and consistently improve it. i've been using it since, maybe 2014? it's a keeper.

Doesn't Have Basic Food

Although the user interface is nicely designed, I'm having trouble finding simple foods like "Diet Pepsi" and "String Cheese". This app was meant more for tracking recipes than tracking carbs.

I love this app!

I'm so much more aware of what I eat and it has truly improved my quality of life. I recommend it almost daily to anyone who cares about their health, whether or not they're on a ketogenic diet. One suggestion. Why can you measure things out down to the gram when making a custom meal, but then you have to choose a serving size in the planner? If I want to enter in a spoonful of salsa I made, I have to weigh an empty jar, weigh a full jar, weigh a spoonful, divide, convert to a fraction, and still not be as accurate as entering in grams. This option would be much appreciated.

Pricey for not getting all the menus

To charge $6.99 I would be ok with if we got all the menus items. But they are play the app game of pay us for more of what we should already offer. New Customer buying the app pay for the new menu items if you keep your app up to date with new menus. And if what I'm saying isn't true they why don't they offer an app were you pay say $9.99 for all menus items now and the future?

best diet app ever

Wow, everything i need in one place! The planner is great and easy to use, tons of recipes in the blogs, advise every step of the way and a clear concise explanation of how and why, remarkable!


I like turtles

Very disappointing

This app basically has recipes you can find online for free and they want you to pay more to get ones that you would really want. The free fitness trackers are much better especially if you already know the keto diet. I paid $7 for things I could have googled for free and done on a free app.


This is one of the most user-friendly applications I have ever used. The graphics and pictures great. Every recipe I have tried has been delicious. Kudos for the hard work producing this app!

Jury is still out

Undecided. Most of the recipes I want are an additional cost.

Yes! Finally! A fantastic diet app!

I've tried a lot of different diet tracking apps, and this is the first one that has actually kept me coming back. I'm a vegetarian with non-reactive celiac disease ( which is controlled by not eating any grains at all, and no sugar). So I have been eating this way for many, many years, but have been unable to track and keeps diet balanced. This app finally allows me to do that! So far it has shed a lot of light on the fact that I simply don't eat enough (average 400 calories a day!? No wonder I feel so *****y. Might as well thank the developers for saving my life! ) I'm going to estimate that 95% of my food does not come from a package, so I don't miss the barcode scanner. I do really enjoy how easy it is to make meals, find individual ingredients, etc. Copying meals over as I plan my day is really easy. I tend to make recipes on the fly, with whatever I happen to have in my garden, so this app is fantastic for that! That said, I also love seeing recipes for inspiration, and this app is perfect for that as well. I think I might actually start making some of these. Keto crepes!? Sign me up! Oh! And the additional recipe packs are not bad! It's 70% cheaper than your average cookbook, and you can see in advance what recipes you'll be getting + their nutrition info. That, to me, is a real treat. Wouldn't mind seeing more of these. Maybe Mexican or Indian food themed packs. Yum yum. And yet another thing I love? This app is not a subscription type deal. I am so sick of subscriptions! I like to pay and be done with it. The price is more than reasonable, and there are no ads! Yes! My one critique is that the recipes section of the app is not made to filter recipes by allergen (or dietary preference) like you can on the website. If there is, I'm deeply struggling with finding out how. . . Still, it certainly isn't something that deters me from using the app. :') 11/10 highly recommend.

Love this app!

I have only had it a few days, but I already feel 100% more informed about the keto lifestyle. Thanks.


An elaborate ruse to trick you out of $6. Seems like it's going to work, but it's no more that a gal front for a functionless app. Going to request a refund.

Paid too much

I like some features but it's a hard to use app it's NOT user friendly at all! I wish I could scan certain food like cheese to get exactly the correct nutritional facts and it doesn't have that feature and so I'm constantly guessing! Wish I could get my money back! The only thing I like is it tells me my macros but again not user friendly at all!!

Great ketogenic app

I have a couple of different keto apps but olive that there are so many recipes included in this one. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because it doesn't have the ability to scan in food products. Hopefully you will add this feature.

Has it's up and downs.

The food database base is very limited. Most of the time I add similar foods to track. Try finding a tsp. I believe the price is fair, yes you can find all the recipes on the Net, but it saves you time searching. What ever you do do not join the FB group, it will not help your journey, and lord forbid if you disagree with them. Ok-I couldn't find the ups.

Diabetes cure?

I'm down 10 in 7 days and love the Keto OS. Mental clarity, energy and has been easy to stick with it. I've cut Insulin in half and I actually thought something was wrong with my meter because my blood sugar is 116 after meals almost everyday. Praise the Lord for Keto!

Move over Blue Apron

I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and told that I can fix my body with lifestyle changes. My doctor didn't say "ketogenic diet" but that's what the instructions amounted to. While low carb living seems like it should be easy (hey, just give me eggs, meat and spinach!) that gets boring pretty quickly. Tonight, I satisfied my sweet tooth with a chocolate pudding made from a modified recipe from the blog with avocado and cocoa. I would have never thought of that! I love the recipes! I love that I can review what I have at home and then add what's missing to my basket for shopping. There is great info and a good variety of recipes to make this lifestyle doable.

Good but price gouging

The app is nice. It allows you to enter custom foods and seems to be so far so good. My only problem is the price gouging. You pay the basic, fine but the arbitrary recipe categories are just an excuse to get money. If for example, the categories were dairy free or vegetarian or vegan or gluten-free etc., it would make sense. Why should a vegan have to pay for gluten-free recipes if they'll never eat them? I get that, it makes sense and it's fair. That's not how this app works. The arbitrary categories are clearly just a way to get out to the customers. Why are chocolate desserts divided, some in one category, some in another? To force people to buy categories they don't need or want just to get one recipe, that's why. It's a shame because I want to like this app but I like people and apps that shoot straight. It's a shame because this could be a top notch app if it weren't for this nickel and dining and sneaky approach to getting more money.

Nice planner but....

I've been spending time and money checking out keto apps. I'm an extremely busy person and am mostly looking for a great meal planner. I can find millions of recipes for free all over the internet. I have read many keto blogs talking about this app. It has a solid foundation. It's too expensive at $6.99 for what it provides. The extra in-app recipes charge is not very palatable. I do understand the work that goes into it since I'm a software developer myself. People don't need another MFP app, it exists. I use Cronometer for the nutrition breakdown since it's more detailed than any other (which can be a turn off for some people), but more details would be nice. Your planner seems to be the key. Most of the apps are trackers (which are needed) but very few are long term planners. Some things to make an outstanding app (IMHO): * barcode reader (looks like in the works) * recipe importer from URL or API (expand beyond the blog import of recipes). Of course they won't have the breakdown of your forum or provided recipes, but nutritional algorithms should be able to pick the closest nutritional information from the ingredients list for a close tracking. * mods on planner to account for family planning. Show individual and overall family goals. So far this is a single person app. * sharing information with approved sources (like MFP or the Apple Health Data) so that families can share information * restaurant/event/travel survival planning guide (I saw the chain restaurant guide, allow people or use the already existing database APIs to add local to master database. This will help travelers.) you could almost make it a game, who lives in the healthiest restaurant city. * check off, strike out, or move to bottom meal shopping basket of items already on hand or in cart. Makes shopping easier. * exercise API with devices for exercise. It should be tracked along with food. * grocery store price API with large chains (like Kroger or Western Family) to show sales and to estimate food costs. Thank you for putting the app together!!

No fitness synching

I struggled with this app at first. After reading up on the app and playing with it, I finally got the hang of it. I do like the ability to add complete meals to the planner easily. My issue is the inability to log exercise and sync with my Apple watch. Hope there plans for the future to incorporate fitness.

Not worth it

Without a bar code scanner trying to add foods is very time consuming. Plus most of the food I buy are not in the search system. I'll continue with MyFitnessPal where I can easily scan food

Alright now I'm ready.

I fumbled with the app at first, being a senior citizen and not real savvy regarding how apps work. But once that old light bulb over the head came on " I LOVE IT" so I turned around and got all the in app purchases as well as three of the keto cookbooks (the fat bomb one too)they show on their web site. One of my issues with this app is there is no scanner to record food. And the second thing is being able to print out my weekly menu/planner (at least I can't find out how) Thanks for the app!

Needs better food tracker!

I like this app, but I'm getting very frustrated by not finding the foods I am trying to track. The selections that are there are poor. I have used the lose it app and weight watcher app and they have MUCH better ways to track foods.

Great App but still needs work

This App is great, HOWEVER it is lacking a barcode scanner (this is its biggest downfall) and can be a bit difficult to find the exact foods you're searching for. The recipes and basket are a huge plus! It has a ton of options that make it more confusing to find your way around. I'll continue to use it and look forward to updates. As of now I still need an additional app to track my meals just for simplicity of it.

I saw an immediate difference

I was having a hard time burning fat. I followed my keto plan and shortened my workouts. I lost 2% body fat in a week.

Tracking macros

I have been using Lose it app. I have been trying to find something that tracks macros better. But this is do difficult to find food in. Takes forever. Can not wait till they update the tracking part. May continue to use Lose It.


My son told me about this diet. In researching the Keto diet, I found this app and started with it. I have lost a lb each day. That is not normal for me. I am 75 years old. At my age I have tried almost every diet.

Love this app!!!

It is keeping me a pace for a under 20g carb experience. Easy to use, lots of yummy recipes, stores all info I need to be successful. Thank you!!!

Can't live without this app!

I started the keto diet with basic knowledge but since using this app DAILY I am in ketosis and feeling great. The recipes are good, I am experimenting with some and everyday is a new version. I like the basket feature for easy shopping, copying meals from the previous days, how there are modifiers in each one, and TONS of new information all the time. It was so worth the money!!! THANK YOU! ❤️

I just read...

That you guys are making it a priority to add barcode scanning into your app. I would LOVE that. I use barcode scanning with the Fitbit app all the time, but Fitbit doesn't track carbs and has quite a few inaccuracies with the scanned food item, so I'm literally using more than one app to track everything. The other thing that would be great, would be a quick add of items that you added previously (I.e. Cottage Cheese with Blackberries) so you didn't have to add the meal again individually to your planner, the app would suggest the last 5 previously entered ingredients or meals. I do change it up often enough though, so entering in 5 different style hamburgers that I currently consume, and then adding more when I change the ingredients is tedious. The best thing about this app? Let me count the ways.... 1. Awesome recipes for vegetarians/vegans 2. New recipes all the time -- thank you, Martina! 3. The detailed level of information you can get from entering in all of your meals and snacks for the day --- the percentages and graphics help me a lot 4. Updates to the app are consistent and helpful And more and more.... I recommend this app to everyone interested in a low-carb lifestyle!

Best Keto tracker!

I have tried many apps, this one is amazing. I bought both paid version and recipes, love it. Tracking my net carbs is so easy with this app! Recipes are delicious & easy to make, love the Keto Cheesecake in a Jar! Have had to add many everyday foods but totally worth it! Kudos to the developers, thank you for making a true Keto app!

Don't buy

You can look up all these recipes on Pinterest plus in order to get more recipes you have to buy. Not worth it

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