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Where’s the old version

A few years ago I bought the old version of KetoDiet and loved it, I promoted to many people. I recently had to rebuy the app because I changed Apple ids and didn’t mind cuz i found it to be so user friendly plus tracked everything I needed it to. This is now such a frustrating experience for me. I don’t find it user friendly at all. Creating a meal is so frustrating to me I just give up. The steps it takes to log food is like so confusing. I want the old version back, please!

Great (updated review)

Updated: at first I was concerned that you had to pay extra for recipes. While there is a convenience level to doing that, it not required. The app has a blog with a boat load (I mean A LOT) of recipe that help to follow their program. If anything I thing paying the extra is a good method to help fund continued development. This is a solid app. Works well and has tons of information. Moved rating from a 3 to 5 Old review: I've been spending time and money checking out keto apps. I'm an extremely busy person and am mostly looking for a great meal planner. I can find millions of recipes for free all over the internet. I have read many keto blogs talking about this app. It has a solid foundation. It's too expensive at $6.99 for what it provides. The extra in-app recipes charge is not very palatable. I do understand the work that goes into it since I'm a software developer myself. People don't need another MFP app, it exists. I use Cronometer for the nutrition breakdown since it's more detailed than any other (which can be a turn off for some people), but more details would be nice. Your planner seems to be the key. Most of the apps are trackers (which are needed) but very few are long term planners. Some things to make an outstanding app (IMHO): * barcode reader (looks like in the works) * recipe importer from URL or API (expand beyond the blog import of recipes). Of course they won't have the breakdown of your forum or provided recipes, but nutritional algorithms should be able to pick the closest nutritional information from the ingredients list for a close tracking. * mods on planner to account for family planning. Show individual and overall family goals. So far this is a single person app. * sharing information with approved sources (like MFP or the Apple Health Data) so that families can share information * restaurant/event/travel survival planning guide (I saw the chain restaurant guide, allow people or use the already existing database APIs to add local to master database. This will help travelers.) you could almost make it a game, who lives in the healthiest restaurant city. * check off, strike out, or move to bottom meal shopping basket of items already on hand or in cart. Makes shopping easier. * exercise API with devices for exercise. It should be tracked along with food. * grocery store price API with large chains (like Kroger or Western Family) to show sales and to estimate food costs. Thank you for putting the app together!!

Food tracker please improve

I was excited to get this app because of the recipies and personal goal customization.... but now I am super confused about how to actually track what I am doing. I am doing the bulletproof diet and I don’t understand how to add the food I have actually eaten... to see where I am at. Super disappointed that this isn’t more intuitive after having spent 7 bucks.

Costs way to much.

You have to pay to download the app and all you get if a few recipes, you have to pay more to unlock more recipes. Don’t waste your money.

Over priced

Bought the app at 6.99 thinking it would be unlocked, then start scrolling through recipes and then it has locked entrees and for 1.99 you can get more. Just seems cheap to do things like that.

Waste of money

What a bummer. Paid $6.99 for the app. First section I tried to view said “coming soon”. Next all the awesome recipes were locked and only available if spending more money per recipe. Raspberries.

Great but room for improvement

PROS: This is a solid app for anyone adopting a ketogenic lifestyle for improved health. The built-in recipes are very helpful and, for me, the additional recipes available for purchase have been a great addition. I value the emphasis on eating whole foods and preparing as much food at home.e as possible. I also like being able to plan my day or week so that I can keep on track with my macros. The interface is intuitive and is laid out well. Yes, the app costs $6.99 but I view that as an investment in myself and my healthy future. I enjoy being able to sync across multiple devices. I would definitely buy the app again given the choice. WHAT THE APP COULD DO BETTER: 1) I am surprised and disappointed that it does not sync with Apple HealthKit. I have health data coming from a number of sources and like seeing it brought together in a single interface for me to identify patterns and trends for ALL aspects of my health. 2) Its nice to be able to set a goal for calculating macros, but if you want to change your goal for a short while, it makes the change to all previous data, too, instead of just for the present. For example, if I want to change my macros for a few days to support intermittent fasting (IF) and increase percentage of fat and/or reduce calories for a few days, all of my previous data looks as though I have eaten in excess, which is demotivating. There should be an option to change goals and to select how you want it applied. 3) While the database seems extensive, there are glaring omissions for products that people may use to support their ketegenic lifestyle, such as athletes using exogenous ketones. Users cannot add such products so the end result may be inaccurate data. 4) There is no place to record blood ketones or even blood glucose. Again, important data for getting a complete picture. See point 1) above. 5) It would be great if recipes and shopping lists could be easily scaled for one person. 6) While I really like the wheels/circles for viewing macros, the colour of the font for the actual numbers is much too light to be legible. 7) There is no way to import recipes and it's very time-consuming and tedious to create custom meals all of the time. Thankfully the custom meals are reusable.

Great App

I love the app and use it everyday for menus and tracking my consumption. The one thing I would love to see is the ability to add instructions on the custom meals.

Love it, but

I wish there was a section for notes for each day, such as how you were feeling and if you had any odd symptoms to food that you could note. At least some sort of simple notes section would be amazing, but instead I find myself tracking this information on other free apps, and the database for scanning/recognizing barcodes is MUCH larger for MFP. So I’m juggling the use of multiple apps, and for the price you would think they would have all this down. I have loved using it this month to track macros, and what stands out to me vs. MFP is the options for weighing in grams/ounces/ml so I’m not converting measurements all the time with Siri. Please add a note section!!

Love this App!

I love how easy it is to use and how it helps me keep on track. The recipes are delicious and relatively easy to make.

Great app for keeping you on your KetoDiet!

I really like the app but I can't give it 5 stars because it's food database needs to be updated. The food database is hard to navigate but once you figure out how to navigate around it you will find it much more useful and easier to find items that you actually need!

Useful but not helpful

I don't like the fact that regular foods and home cooked foods are so difficult to find and enter. It seems they are move interested in a user buying their custom prepare products.

This app is so cool

This is great for a newbie to Keto. I’m impressed with the recipes... there is a great selection to get me started and I love that I can add custom recipes too. I was a little intimidated before at the thought of starting Keto, but now I’m looking forward to my Keto journey and a healthier happier me. Thank you.


Based on the cost of this app I expected it to provide me with more “bells and whistles” than what I could get from the free version of MyFitnessPal. It doesn’t and I’m kicking myself for spending the money on an app that I may as well delete to make room for the free version of MyFitnessPal. Lesson learned = just because you have to pay for it, doesn’t make it better.

The new UI is fantastic, modern and efficient

I started using the app two months ago to kick start my understanding of my intake calories. I learned a tremendous amount, found my own mistakes and I've had a planned weight loss across time - the app helped me plan my meals and monitor my progress. Now that I have reach my goals at 220, my friends have challenged me to drop another 10 which I am initiating. At the same time I've downloaded lots of recipes as I establish a solid foundation for maintenance. Revised UI is fantastic.

Buying the app does not actually give you recipe access

I have it absolutely obscured that I paid $7.00 for this app and the recipes I actually want are locked - I have to pay MORE to get those... total scam. Would like my money back

Lots of Potential

Pros: It comes with a decent number of accessible keto meals including ingredients and instructions. The recipes are delicious! It helps to calculate your dietary needs based off of your measurements, weight, and activity level. Cons: It has a very limited amount of food items to choose from in the Quick Meal option. If you aren’t plugging in one of their recipes for your intake, it can be a real pain trying to input and calculate what you’ve consumed. Not only is it difficult to find what you’ve eaten in their search menu, but not all of it is correct. Forget trying to specify something like roasted broccoli, or finding accurate information for something like a tall cappuccino from Starbucks. I’ve never had these kind of issues in My Fitness Pal, and I used the free version. You also can’t import recipes from the internet like on MFP, not that I know of at least. Overall: If you are new to keto, or trying to pick up the diet again, then I completely recommend it! I think there is definitely room for growth, but this app really does make a huge difference! Using it this time, it makes the transition much smoother! Yes, it’s 6.99, but really that’s nothing.

Food diary

I was looking for a place to log the food I eat. I can’t find it on this app. Am I missing something. While the recipes are great, I really wanted to log what I eat. I just bought this today. Can I have a refund if there isn’t a place to log what I eat.


I am so thankful I found this app. It is an amazing, inexpensive, helpful low carb/high fat/KETODiet tool. There is so much you can do within this app. You can get the basic for FREE or buy the extended version for $7. Occasionally, there are “special” recipes in a “bundle”for $1.99. I buy them or I don’t buy them, my option. Besides that, there is easy access within the app to her blog with hundreds & hundreds more recipes for FREE on a daily basis! I ask you naysayers, where are you going to get a cookbook, any cookbook, for those prices? You aren’t. Cookbooks are expensive. Have you checked recently? Love this app. Recommend it highly! What’s your health worth to you!

More of a 3.5 Star

I think the app is great at starting and keeping on track with the Keto diet. It has some great benefits and some areas for improvement. If I could have given it a 3.5 star rating I would have. It’s definitely better than 3 stars but not as good as 4 stars. Below I have included the pros and cons of the app and my overall review. Pros: 1. Meal planning: Grocery list, add recipes directly to day/type of meal, and automatic nutrition calculations. 2. Recipes: Included recipes, saved favorites, can add individual ingredients, restaurant recommendations, and blog recipes. 3. Navigation: Clearly labeled sections, drop down menu, search recipes by keywords, and sort/filter options (not available in “blog” section). Cons: 1. Recipes: I did find (like other reviewers) that most of the recipes I found appetizing had to be purchased additionally. I refuse to pay more for extra “categories” when I can find similar (if not better) recipes on the internet. Although I have to add that there are more recipes found on their blog section included in the app that you can try. I took off 1 star because I often have to search on another website I use to find a similar recipe and add it to the planner. 2. Navigation: I found overall navigation and ease of user ability is lacking. I took off 1 star for navigation. Meal planning navigation bugs me the most. For instance, I like to add meals through the “planner” section in the app because I can easily see the total net carbs and other calculations. However, there is no option to add meals you’ve saved in your favorites. If I choose to add meals through my “saved favorites” section I have to go back to the “planner” section to make sure I haven’t gone over. It gets frustrating after a while. My next navigation issue is the “blog” section. This is the best option to find more recipes without needing to pay for them but navigating the section is horrible. You can search for recipes with a keyword but that just brings up endless amounts of recipes with no real order. You’ll have to search through recipes for hours. This (to me) is one of the most useful sections on the app and it needs improvement. Recommendations: 1. Add more free recipes periodically to limit the need to go outside of the app to find them. 2. Include the option to add from “favorites” when adding recipes in the “planner” section (both from the meals saved favorites and saved favorites from the “blog” section) 3. Organize the “blog” section. You should be able to filter out things based on certain criteria, type of meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), meal prep/cooking time, net carbs, and more sorting options (not just best match). This can eliminate undesired recipes and alleviate a lot of time scrolling to find a recipe. Overall review: The app is ok to start off with if you have no idea of how to begin the Keto Diet. However, for the amount of money it costs I would probably search elsewhere. It’s basically a carb counter/meal planner with a few recipes. You can find both free in other apps. The recipes are ok but I personally have to search on another website for recipes. I’m not paying for recipes (like salads) that are a staple in the Keto diet. The navigation needs work because the “blog” section is the best section to highlight if they want to market this app as a recipe app and navigating that section is tedious. My suggestion would be to search around and try out some of the free apps first before buying this app.

Just greedy

I just paid for this app $6.99 the first recipe I click on it says I need to pay an extra $1.99. Nice app just greedy devs. I rarely pay for apps when I do this happens. I’ll be still to Pinterest for recipes.

Money grab

Pay 6.99 for an app just to have it try to get more money for recipes that are locked. Refund time.

Great app, if you're serious about results!

Admittedly, at first, I was skeptical of purchasing this app but after I began using the app, I began to see why I was having issues with weight loss concerning the Keto diet. This app corrected these issues. It displays the appropriate food-related information to help a user make the right food choices and see the desired results. Plus, the app has many recipes to try so dieters don't get food-bored while on their diet. Equally important, the app has multiple features that allow a user to record their food intake (I like the bar code option the best.) If you want to see results while maintaining the Keto diet, then purchase this app. It truly helps you understand what you need to be consuming in order to achieve reasonable weight loss goals. Plus, you don't have to keep re-purchasing to unlock special features if you don't want to. The creators provided quite a bit of resources for the basic price listed. The creators did a good job with this app.

Why is everything still locked?

I purchased the extra recipes and everything is still lock. I even restored purchased and nothing. I am very in happy about this.


The best part of this app is how the developers don’t take any sh** from bad reviews. Cracks me up! This app is awesome. It’s comprehensive, and yes it costs money, but you get what you pay for in my opinion. Love it.

Unbelievably Awesome!!!

I just began my journey on Keto and have purchased several other apps before I found this one. I deleted all 3 once I found this, it is so informative and the recipes are drool worthy! I intend to buy all the other recipes, at 1.99 for a group, it’s is dirt cheap, I can buy them all for less then what I would have spent on a trip to McDonalds!! It’s easy to use, pictures are incredible, honestly probably the best app I ever bought, diet or otherwise!


Let's see how long this stays up or if it's unlawfully removed... You don't get what you think you're going to. This app could be great but price gouges you instead. Doesn't deliver the way you think it will with locked recipes or having to dig through blog recipes even after you pay for the app. It just wants more and more money. It's a shame because it has real potential. The responses from the developer to unsatisfied users is downright unprofessional. Calling people liars and just telling them to get their money back instead of listening to their feedback demonstrates a lack of maturity. I've not read any reviews that I felt we're false based on my own experience. When you use the app you feel as if you've been cheated. If there's more to the app than meets the eye then maybe you should make it easier for the eye to see those things instead of acting like a two year old with no vision of what customers are trying to tell you.

Great app!

I was using a different app to track macros. But I got much more information using this app and I’m able to stay nearer to my net carbs. Love the fact that you get easy access to the developers blog which includes recipes and keto information. I hardly ever purchase apps above $1 but I’m glad I made an exception for this app!

Some good tools but product sloppy (spelling) & database weak

This app seems to have good tools but so many words are misspelled and that does not inspire confidence in the consumer. They need to work on their product. Also, there are too many food items that are not in their database and I’m not going to do their homework. I did that for another site and got burned out. I was going to stay connected to learn more about the keto diet but I’m going elsewhere.

No good

Why charge you for something you can google. This literally is the worst app ever, hidden charges and additional fees, come on!

Not very user friendly

Every recipe costs money even if you purchase the app. It’s not very easy to input recipes that are not already there ($$), it’s not easy to navigate back and forth between pages when adding recipes and tracking. For the money I was expecting this to be at least decent but it is really actually frustrating. I’d rather use my fitness pal. Looking for a refund cause I’m not sure why I even paid $8 for this time consuming app. The only upside is it tracks your macros - IF you have the patience to enter them.

Excellent Keto Planner

Thank you so much for creating this too to help us reach our Keto diet goals. You do what Fitness Pal and other Keto planners could not do!

Worth every penny

I hesitated to purchase because of the cost ($6.99) and I knew that most of the recipes were extra. I tried a bunch of free apps just for tracking macros but none of them worked well for me. However, I find that it’s worth every penny. The recipes are so good. My favorite part though is that can do 2 servings for breakfast and lunch (for me and my husband) and 6 servings for dinner (to include the kids) and then add that straight into the grocery list (basket) feature. Us not that feature saves me so much money in the store. I’ve bought one of the additional recipe packs, and I wasn’t disappointed. Tracking my macros is super user friendly as well, because my meal planning and meal tracking is in the same place. Finally, an app that keeps me on track.

Love this app

Been using this app for a week. It took a bit to figure out as not completely intuitive. Once I figured it out (which wasn’t difficult) I really love this app. I can add foods not already in the ingredients data base. I can track my macros, I can add/delete foods, change amounts etc. LOVE this.

Couldn't do keto without it.

This app is a lifesaver. It comes with a lot of recipes. There are some you have to pay for. I love how you can add all the ingredients from a recipe (even one you've created) into your 'basket' so you know what you need when you go shopping. You can uncheck pantry staples you already have. Then you can sort your basket by category so it's easier to shop. I love how it breaks it shows you your progress over time, and how you're doing on macros for the day. I absolutely could not do this diet without this app. I love the new, improved food tracker. The red, yellow, and green for each macro help me so much. There are sections where you can get information about keto and you can search for articles and subjects on the blog. Overall this is a fantastic app. I have recommended it to several friends.

Additional fees for desserts????

Decent app with good information but I was not expecting additional payment walls for some of the first recipes I saw when I opened it. It's already an expensive app and I felt completely misled. Do yourself a favor and find this info from google.

Superior program

I’m really enjoying this app. It’s keeping me on the straight and narrow and it’s paying off.

Price should include all recipes

Great app but the price should include every recipe. It’s easy to get free recipes online.

Too many recipes locked!

There are way too many recipes that are locked. I thought for the price I paid there would be a lot more options when it came to recipe choices. Its all set up for you to spend a lot with in app purchases. It's a shame because if it wasn't a rip off it would be good - they need to offer more recipes with the original purchase price or the original app should be cheaper. I see your response below but I beg to differ. Out of 36 salad recipes in the Ap only 4 are free. I bought the ap so I don't have to go online and look up recipes and I would have expected for $7 to have more access to recipes. I'm not liking the new update. I want to see where I am not were I need to get to by the end of the day. I just about never get all the calories in so it's hard to tell now if the macros etc are correct for how much I've eaten.

Best Keto app I have seen

App is not initially intuitive but the more I use it the happier I am with the app. I noticed you can get stats for the day or by breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack... which made me happy happy. I do not understand anyone having severe criticism of this app. For me I will be pleased when the bar scan feature is enabled in this app. I will need to get accustom to the apps keto recipes ... but I am thinking it would be more convent if I could view recipes online on my laptop vs my smartphone. Would be a big positive to be able to enter a recipe and an option to enter the final total weight at the end so you could enter the serving size in Ounces or grams.


Great for recipes

Same as free apps

I was expecting something unique but after paying for this app, I quickly discovered they provide the same information for free on the web, and the meal planning and tracking is worse/more expensive than free apps currently available. Not worth buying at all.

I like this app

I like this app it's very easy to use yes you have to pay for additional recipes but that's your choice they give you plenty of recipes if you don't want to pay extra. I like that you can set your own macros I like that you have a basket that you can get all your recipes in it and when you go to the store there's your grocery list, a lot of thought went into this app and I think it is well worth the money. So far best keto app I have found.

Nice app

Has a lot of features. Very useful. My two suggestions for the developers: The fonts are too small Add ability to record blood ketone levels

Costs way too much for what you get

The description of this app sounded great for my needs. But it has major problems. If I set custom goals, I cannot set a daily calorie goal. The goals tool makes no sense compared to other calculators I have used, and the planner is very confusing. The planner lists daily progress in percents which tells me nothing. To see my actual consumption, I have to go to another screen and subtract consumed values from goal values. Who has time for that! It is awful, and for what I paid, I expect an easy, intuitive app that made tracking calories and macros easy. This one is clunky and not user friendly. Wish I could get my money back!

Still asks for money!!!

Paid 6 bucks for what I thought was the full app, but asks for more money to "unlock" more recipes. Do yourself a favor and don't buy this app . Take some time and find some free recipes online . There's plenty !!

Extra Costs

Good concept with some basic info but you have to continue purchasing for better recipes. Recipes that can be found on Pinterest and by google searching. Wouldn't waste my money.

Love It!

It has everything I wanted in the layout I like.

Needs a barcode scanner

I do really like this app, but it would be SO MUCH NICER if it had a barcode scanner! You can't search for a certain brand and find that food item. You either have to choose the random options that come up or create your own food item. It's not hard to do if you have the nutrition label, but it does take a lot of extra time. And it gets old pretty quick!

Great app missing one vital feature

Will you be adding barcode scanning?

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