KetoDiet App Reviews

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My favorite App

The amount of new content and attention to detail is second to none. The community approach is great. Tons of delicious recipes that are updated very frequently. The meal planner and shopping list are very convenient. If you are considering Keto, you need this app.

Love it!!!

One of the best apps I have paid for! Well worth the small up front fee, for what it helps you do. And the mess are pretty awesome too!


Update: The developer suggested to use IPhone Accessibilty option for Larger Text: Does NOT help. The daily ketodiet app PLANNER is exceptionally light/thin type makes it highly difficult to read/use. It’s hard to read on my phone. Need a way to BOLD &/or ENLARGE the type from within the app itself. I’ve been struggling to diet on my own so hope this app will help me to stick to the plan.


It would be a nice feature to allow app to suggest dinner meals according to what’s remaining point wise for your day instead of trying endless combinations to meet your daily numbers. Just got app so if this exists already then hopefully I’ll find this tool.


Awesome app Can’t say enough great things about it.


Definitely worth the money. One improvement, allow sharing custom meals with others. That would be great.

Rip off

This does not even have a data base of foods to calculate carbs. $9 wasted. Use Carb Manager for FREE.

Subscription cancelling

If you’re an Apple user the process to cancel your subscription is exhausting. It’s a third party billing and iTunes doesn’t hold the account. What a nightmare.

Best Keto App Hands Down

Great App, covers more than any other Keto app and can master after playing around with it for about 30 min

Nice App

Works well. I just wish there was a way to put instructions in custom meals. I like to make casseroles but have trouble remembering oven temps and time. I love the custom meal tab which allows me to put in all ingredients and the number of servings and then calculates the macros.

Does not track food intake!!

I think that this app is misleading. I made a mistake getting this app. I thought it was a food tracking app but it’s not. I read in the reviews that people were having a hard time tracking their food intake and having a hard time using it. I generally listen to the reviews I didn’t this time and am disappointed. I think that they should make it clear that it is not a food tracking app. Attempting to get a return of my $9 to go towards a Keto food tracking app.

Beware app advice

I was pretty excited about this app, but the macro goals are wrong (it was shorting me on protein by 25%!) and the foods are not accurate (go look up cherry tomatoes.) Better off paying for MFP if you actually want to maintain ketosis.

amazing app for monitoring carb intake

I have been using this app for a year. I change my eating habit and lifestyle. It really helps me to fix my problems.

Keto diet

Cons: doesn’t tell you how many calories to eat vs goals.

Cute but needs a filter

Really need some way to filter meal options. For instance, I’m a vegetarian. It would help if I could just click something that lets me get rid of all meat related foods. Also, o eggs. What if you are allergic to something or just don’t want it in your diet. It would’ve nice to rule those out too!

Just a few improvements would make this 5 stars.

This works well, I especially like the feature that calculates percentages of fat, carbs and protein. It is not exactly user friendly, but after a little practice you can manage. I would like to have a feature that allows saving favorites and a way to sort those foods.

Great tool to track

There are plenty of great recipes to try and add to your diet and the tracking is easy to use. There is times off useful blogs and information. Unfortunately, I don’t trust the nutritional information. The scanned or even the searchable database don’t agree with the nutritional info on the label. When you are being strict on your macros this isn’t ideal.

Need to be able to delete custom meals

Great app but not able to delete custom meals

Great app for Keto recipes and more...

As a newbie to Keto this is my go to app. Lots of GREAT RECIPES! Lots of info on Keto. The only thing is getting info on ingredients that are not in their recipes. Its way too clunky. I love the scanner! It allows me to scan the code on specific items, helpful, but if Im cooking or making food & need to get macro info on those ingredients? Way too long & it gets frustrating, if you are tracking your macros. And we MUST track our macros. The price is great - as I said, its worth it just for the recipes & info.


Charged 8.99 for an app that is nothing more than informational. No tracking programs. I got as much from this program as reading an article on Wikipedia. NO REFUNDS allowed. Shame on you itunes for selling this app on your platform.

To hard to use

I tried to see how to use it and got frustrated. Also I could not attach it to any other programs so I would end up having to enter data twice.

Makes tracking easy

Absolutely the best keto tracking app. It’s full of really good recipes. The food database is huge and much more accurate than myfitnesspal. I bought this app when it was fairly new and it didn’t quite do what I needed so I didn’t use it and preferred MyFitnessPal. Since then, the app has been updated and it does everything I need and MORE! I can’t believe how much work the developers put into it. You won’t be sorry, buy this app!

Doing low carb

My doctor said no carbs so After hearing everyone talking Keto, I thought I should try it. Love the foods and I’m keeping with doctor orders doing a very low carb eating. I haven’t wanted anything with sugar. Perhaps I’ll stare the Keto once I’m use to the program.

Are you serious with this app

I have used my fitness planner for almost 2 months (the free one) lost 30 pounds so I think I know a good app. My problem is when I had my coffee this morning I put in my cream and it told me that five oz. of heavy wiping cream was only 5 grams of fat and.7 carbs I don’t think s I think the decimal is of by one place bro. And for something I paid for it should be more user friendly.

Great app, but

I like what the app does to help tracks stats and macros. 4 stars When you remove a food from the day or the list it deletes it. Then you have to re do the entry. If you eat the food again. Still really at tracking and macros

I love this app

Best app ever!

Living it so far

Great if it synced to my scale and Apple fitness


I purchased this app and it says family share available. I have tried from day of purchase to share with my daughter without success. Today I tried to gift it to her and tried to charge her. So frustrating!!!!!!!


I bought this app when I was thinking about going Keto and I was SO lost, then this app helped me figure it all out and I almost feel like a professional now lol

Sharing family

I’m trying to share with my partner but always appears that he needs to pay, I bought the full app $8,00 what should I do?

How could someone not love this App ?

Really impressed by all the work the creators put into this 👍 I have been dabbling with KetoDiet for awhile with definable results, but so excited with all the new food options and creative meal ideas this App supplies !!!!!

Fantastic app

The fact that it’s not a subscription is a MAJOR plus. Pros: Easy and intuitive interface, comprehensive food database, bar code scanner, ability to record stats, large pictures. Cons: can’t think of any right now.

Almost Perfect

Just started with the app & I love it, totally worth the $. I do wish you could filter/change recipes. I’m vegetarian and it would be so much easier to add recipes to the planner without the meat. Entering each ingredient is time consuming🙄

Some improvements are needed

Need to improve the accuracy of information on non branded food and some branded products (e.g. XCT Oil)

What does it do?

Other than listing recipes I don’t really understand it. You can log food but the selection is limited and that’s not at the forefront of the app. The main focus seems to be recipes which can be easily found on the internet. I was looking for something that would help me track my carbs but it’s not very easily maneuverable.

Thanks for all the help,great app

Helps me stick to my diet thank you very much

Great App - A huge help for planning & organization

I’m fairly new to the Keto world. I realized for health reasons this is the best diet for me. I’m so glad I purchased this app for many reasons. It helps keep me on track with meal planning, nutrition requirements, monitoring results, tracking my body stats and so much more. I’m not much of a cook, but many of the recipes are easy to make. The help section and links to other sources are very nice. Periodic updates continue to improve the app. I am super impressed with this wonderful program. Thank you!

Easy and Convenient

Very helpful and informative! Would’ve given up the Keto diet very quickly without this app. Wish you could hook up with other apps that have more restaurants and more information about entries on restaurant menus. I’m also often frustrated when the cooking method I used when preparing ingredients isn’t listed. Often I’ll end up entering the raw ingredient and then guessing how the cooking method effected the ingredient. Are there rules of thumb about calculating prep methods? Your Blog is so informative and amazing! The recipes are abundant and delicious. The recipes that are included on the app are good and inventive, and I appreciate the recipes on your blog. I’ve also purchased the optional meal collections, one of your Diet Plans, and two of your books. All the recipes I’ve tried are absolutely tasty! Even my non-Keto family and friends enjoy them! Your recipes also inspire my own custom-made recipes and it’s very handy to have a Custom Meal section on the app. The Shopping Basket helps me at the grocery store. The information and recipes have made this Keto Diet easy to follow and “stick with.” I’m never hungry, which is fantastic since I am on the most restrictive level. I don’t crave sweets or junk food. I don’t crave gluten nor any of the other foods KD avoids. My moods and sleep have improved. Fatigue issues are no longer a problem, and my energy level is great. I just feel so darn much better! THANK YOU for helping me get here!


I love Martina’s app! Her recipes are easy to follow and generally use ingredients that people like me, who are on a fixed income, can afford. Most of them are pretty quick to prepare and most importantly, they are delicious! I haven’t tried one yet that I didn’t love and the bonus is that my husband really likes them too.

Best of the bunch

Looking over and working with 4 other apps, I find KetoDiet the best app. Menus, shopping list, explanations regarding the diet... this app measures your progress and graphs your compliance and success.

Start up Review

I don’t like this app. I’m spending too much time trying to find foods to log in so I know how many macros are left in the day. I need a quicker, on-the-go interface. Too many other features that I won’t use, and recipes I can find quickly on Google. This app is better for a blogger or avid device user. Requesting refund.

Not easy to use

Not super user friendly

Awesome App!

IMO this is the best app out there for doing a Keto/LCHF lifestyle. They are always adding recipes but... the info they share on this lifestyle is so valuable. I find a lot of people that have this app and they are not completely satisfied, haven’t figured out how to use it to its potential, it a plethora of info and recipes. Added bonus is they actually get back with you if you have a problem trying to figure something out. Awesome app!

Great Keto App

I like that it is so Keto focused, unlike more generic trackers. There’s are a lot of features that make it easier to use, like copying from 1 day to another. The recipes and the blog posts are excellent and there is good “ Keto” information in a separate tab. Enough to get someone started on Keto with this app alone. Worth the money, I think. I really want to have more control over the ingredients tab. Specifically, the ability to scan products I use frequently from this tab. Though I see the developers are working on this. Once I can organize my most frequently used items without having to enter all the nutritional info by hand - 5 stars.

Love this App!

I love how easy it is to use and how it helps me keep on track. The recipes are delicious and relatively easy to make.

Difficult to Navigate and can’t add food easily

I found this app difficult to navigate. It wasn’t very user friendly and I hate that I paid for it. I had looked up the best apps for Keri and this was listed so I purchased it. After a lot of work, I finally got it up and running correctly. Or so I thought. When I went to scan in my coffee, it wasn’t there. When I went to scan in my snack, it wasn’t there. The breaking point for me was when I went to scan in something that I k ow has 2g net carbs and the app insisted it was 14g. When you only get 25g a day, that’s a huge difference.

Enjoying it

I bought this app because it was ranked one of the best for the Keto diet. At first I found it a little hard to navigate... but now that I’ve used it for awhile it’s much easier. I wish it had the ability to use the internet and/or copy and paste whole recipes instead of manually typing each ingredient. I love that it keeps track of net carbs, protein, etc.

Great app but...

After downloading the app on my iPhone, I wanted to also have it on my iPad - but it turns out there are 2 different apps that require you to buy both, kind of disappointed. The app itself is great just be aware that if you plan to use both devises plan to buy both.

Simply the best!

This is the first app I got when I started my Ketogenic journey a year and a half ago. From the wonderfully informative articles on health to the awesome recipes, I just could not find find a better, more comprehensive Ketogenic tracking app than this one. Yes there is MyFitnessPal but that one is just way to convoluted and I can’t stand the subscription cost. The reason why this is the best is because with all you get you really feel the love and dedication coming from Martina and her team! Way to go! Btw I lost 60 lbs and never felt better and I did purchase everything I could from the app so I got the whole shebang! Totally worth it in my opinion.

Love it

I really love this app. A lot of recipes and tracking features. I’m just getting started but I am going to be using this app all the time!

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